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What’s wrong with being confident?

“What’s wrong with being confident?”, cue the song Confident by Demi Lovato. I would argue that the answer is “nothing”; but I see so many women struggle with believing in themselves when it comes to moving up in the workplace. This leads me to believe there are individuals who have a big problem with being confident. As women, we so often doubt ourselves to the point of talking ourselves out of doing something we really want, when really we should be proving to ourselves and the world that we are capable. In order to even get to that point, you have to allow yourself to be granted the opportunity to prove yourself.

Once you take that leap and get the big interview (or pitch!), make sure your eye is on the prize. You need to be the most confident version of yourself you can be when you step foot in that door. Here are a few fun things I like to do to prepare myself:

1. Get yourself ready for the interview the night before (not so fun, but necessary). You will never be able to prepare for every single question they ask, so don’t make yourself crazy trying to think of all of them. Just make sure you know the material inside out.

2. Get a good night’s sleep. (If you are over 30 and have a small child, you might also think this is fun. I get more excited when I get to push my bedtime up). Nothing good happens after 12:00 am, so go to bed.

3. Wake up and head down to the kitchen. Once you get there, find the most motivational song you can think of and rock out in the kitchen (dress code: jammies). Make sure to dance with your cutie hubby/wifey.

Some motivational songs I love: 

Demi Lovato - Confident
Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire
Katy Perry - Roar
Beyoncé - Rule the World

Don’t forget your spatula or mixing spoon to help you on the vocals.

4. Ask your spouse to make you a homemade breakfast and eat it together! (My go-tos are homemade bagels and blueberry pancakes 😋 yum!)

5. Take those same motivational tunes and sing your lungs out in the shower.

6. After you are done getting ready, do the superhero pose (courtesy of Grey’s Anatomy). Chin up, chest out, wide stance, hands on hips. Do this for five minutes and you will most definitely exude confidence.

Another option would be to dance to Superman by Soulja Boy. ;)

7. Continue your dance party in the car on your way to work.


The message here is: figure out what pumps you up. It doesn’t matter what your motivation is, find it and use it. If you need to run ten miles, then do it. If you need to meditate or pray before you head out the door, then do it. If you need to eat an entire stack of blueberry pancakes, then please invite me over. I don’t care if you have to listen to Demi Lovato Confident forty-five times before you head into the meeting, just do it.

There is no recipe for success, this is just what works for me. I personally present the best version of myself when I am in a positive mindset. I find that we, as women, often doubt ourselves (even after we have received the job offer!) and am here to tell you that it is ok to be confident in yourself and proud of your accomplishments. Do what you can to find your happy place and get there. I guarantee nothing is more appealing to an interviewer than someone who exudes confidence. And, Ladies, don't forget your shoes. The glass ceiling just broke and we are on our way to the top! 

It’s time for you to take it. Be the boss right now!