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The Token Female

I was invited to this meeting and I look around to see,
There is nobody in here that looks even slightly like me.

I was forwarded an invite at the very last minute,
So I have to ask the question, “Why am I even in it?”.

I quietly stand up and pour my coffee in peace.
A man behind me says, "Can you grab more sugar, please?"

I look at him and state, "it's right over there.",
Quickly grab my coffee and sit back in my chair.

The final participants join, the presenter's about to start
Then I hear a comment that almost stops my heart.

The gentlemen turn their heads, all eyes are on me.
"Do you mind taking notes?", the presenter asks nicely.

I sit up straight and smile, feet firmly on the floor.
Think to myself, oh sweetheart, I can do so much more!

You can't silence me with notes to meet a quota here and there.
Please mark my words: I will show you, how to be a boss with flare.

"Thank you so much for asking, but I must respectfully say no.
One look around this room and I see, you need my perspective to grow."

I bring in a diverse mindset, can challenge you in different ways.
And I'll be pushing the status quo, until the very end of my days.

I am a woman, I'm here to stay, and my opinion does matter,
Even if I'm your token female climbing the corporate ladder.


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