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#7 Anyone can solve a problem.

What do you think the solution is?

Solving problems is not limited to upper management. In fact, when employees encounter a problem, it is encouraged that they first think of a solution and provide a recommendation. When an employee comes to me and says, "Brittany, there is a big problem!", my first question is usually, "What happened?", and then, "How do you think we should resolve it?". Whether your answer is correct or not, having a solution ready shows that your brain has thought further than the problem.

It doesn't matter how much experience you have in solving these types of problems, you are still encouraged to think about a way to resolve it. Remember that you have your own set of unique experiences, and that can be a valuable asset in these types of situations. The main point here is that you think differently and are seeing the problem from another point of view than everyone else.

The severity of the problem determines how quickly you will need to inform your boss of the issue. Be quick on your feet! Make sure that you always take a few minutes to think through what the root cause and a potential solution could be. A common saying in the workplace is, "Come with solutions, not problems!" and I would encourage you to live by that phrase.