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#3 There are fundamentals for every role.

You have to get through grunt work to get to the good stuff.

I once had an intern assigned to me, and I put him on a project that I believed would help grow his projec t management skills. I sat down with him and detailed out the project, what my expectations were, the types of tasks he would be working on, and left enough time for him to ask questions at the end. His response? "I'm not going to do that project. It sounds boring. I want to do something else."

Communication is key. When you respond in that manner, you come across as entitled and insubordinate. I can almost guarantee that, if you were to respond in a similar fashion, your boss will either not want to hire you after your internship or others will not want to work with you. His response should have been, "Can you please help me understand how these tasks will help me in my career? They seem very basic and I know that I can do a lot more." I would have explained that I need to first get a sense of where his capabilities lie and what areas we need to help with growth."

In most cases, what you learned in school will not be part of your daily responsibilities. To get more exciting roles and opportunities, you need to understand the fundamentals which may mean you are doing some of the mundane tasks. There will be long hours and days where there seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel - I can assure you that light will come. Just be patient, passionate, and eager to learn more!